Soy Dominicano Como Tu

Jay, a Haitian-Dominican man is frustrated and in sorrow because of a ruling in Dominican Republic that strips citizenship to those of Haitian descent. This law is a culmination of years of prejudice… and it’s taken away his joy. Meg, a female spirit, appears before him. In light of the scary situation and future, she sees hope.

April 2017
Senior Project

Meet Jay: a Haitian-Dominican man crushed by Law 169-14 in D.R that stripped many like him of his citizenship. He’s lost his joy in dance, for he holds great fear and worry

Modeled and rigged by Matthew Steidl

Meet Meg: a Haitian-Dominican “spirit” filled with dance and hope. She comes from a vibrant heritage and she’s not afraid to share it.

Modeled by Ramiro Cazaux and rigged by Matthew Steidl